Tále – a holiday resort with a story to tell

Absolute peace, relaxation and a unique atmosphere
at the foot of Mt Chopok
Tále is located in the area of the Horná Lehota village. The location of our “Three Otters” is shrouded in a historic atmosphere that you simply must experience. In the past, there were meadows and pastureland in the area, looked after by mower men from nearby villages. The meadows stretched from Krpáčovo Lake to the area of Tále. Later, gold and copper were mined in the region, which several preserved adits prove today. Lovers of local nature started to build cottages in the area. Tále became a popular tourist resort, ideal for relaxation and doing sport. It offers many opportunities for recreation or sports.
In spite of the development of the region, one can spot does, stags and hares near the cottages even today. The road that leads this area is currently widely used by walking tourists and cyclists these days. In winter, it is popular with cross-country skiers. We can promise you that once you set foot here, you will keep coming again. Peace, silence, rustling leaves, the aroma of forests, sunrays, a burbling brook. Discover all this in one place. Each season of the year offers different sceneries. Just a stone´s throw away from Tri Vydry, there are outdoor swimming pools, a golf course, winter cross-country ski trails, ski resorts and the Chopok Juh (South) resort, tailored for experienced skiers.